Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Laserblade - Special Ops

Time can be weird.  I remember posting the Hive Mind rule for Laserblade on here a few months ago.  Well, it turns out that was over a year ago!

Anyway, I have another to add to the mix; Special Ops.  Like Hive Mind, this ability applies to your whole team.

Special Ops (10)
This ability applies to your whole team.  Every member of your team must be elite (either by way of an elite ability or with a CP cost of 20+).  Each of your defeated characters is worth an additional 5VP to your opponent (after other modifications).

The idea is to allow players to build a super team of elite individuals, but not without paying for the privilege.  Firstly, assuming a 100CP game, a player that opts for a Special Ops team only has 90CP to spend.  In addition, each of characters that meets a sticky end is worth more to his opponent (note that the extra 5VP are added after other modifiers like the rules for Bounty Hunt).  All this alongside the fact that a smaller team comes with inherent risks as things already stand hopefully means that it's not overpowered, just nice to have the option.

Hopefully you'll try this rule out.  If you do, let us know how you find it.  In the meantime, we'll get thinking about the opposite end of the spectrum - a team ability that benefits those players that prefer to put together a swarm of weaker characters.  Watch this space...


  1. Must be missing something. Why take an additional 10CP from your team with no benefit. Could just build small team of elites normally and not have your opponent get an addition +5VP per team member he takes out.

    1. Ordinarily, no more than half of the characters in your team may be elite (p.25). This rule overcomes that restriction, but at a price.